With dedicated Formwork hire branches in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, Acrow Formwork has a strong team of industry professional staff, led by a highly experienced and committed management team focused on delivering results.

Our formwork range encompasses Wall Forming panel systems, both medium 60 kPa and heavy duty 80 kPa, shoring systems, light 40 kN, medium 140 kN, heavy 350 -1000 kN capability, Soffit forming systems including Acrowform aluminium panels, GASS table forms and of course Super Cuplok 75 kN, and conventional systems. We also stock a comprehensive range of Formwork and concrete hardware specific products and consumables including Formply and timber and Lanolin Release Agents.


Acrow Scaffolding is one of Australia’s leading suppliers and hirers of access scaffolding systems including Cuplok Scaffolding, Super Cuplok Scaffolding, SureLock Scaffolding and Acrowskaf Scaffolding.

We offer a range of quality products and effective value-added services to complement any project of any size for any customer segment.

Acrow Scaffolding is a company committed to providing the highest quality products. Our engineering and warehouse facility in Revesby NSW, has in place a quality system modelled on AS/NZS ISO 9001, to ensure all products are manufactured to a strict inspection program to guarantee they meet Acrow's published technical specifications.

Our products are manufactured to our design and specifications ensuring compliance in all respects and capability of fit across our product range. So we not only understand the need for a quality product but we also understand what our customers are looking for.


Acrow Coreform System

The Acrow Coreform System has been developed to provide a climbing, self-supporting formwork system for the forming of lift and stairwell cores, producing a flush finish concrete surface with no surface steps. Coreform is quick and easy in initial assembly, and to strip and move from pour to pour.

The Acrow Coreform System is compatible with the Acrowall Panel Systems, and a full range of ancillary equipment is available to provide upper level platforms.

Acrow Slim-Lite Soldier System

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With the versatility of use as a soldier, vertical shore, raking shore or beam, Acrow’s Slim-Lite Soldier System is an economical and effective answer to crane handled formwork requirements.

A range of accessories allows the soldiers to be used for single lift, full height or jump form, for either single- or double-faced formwork applications. The Acrow Slim-Lite Soldier System is equally useful for the construction of circular walls, and can also be used in the construction of heavy-duty shoring, overhead protection structures and platforms.

Made from high yield steel, Acrow Slim-Lite Soldiers are available in a variety of sizes to suit different applications, and are compact, light, easy to handle, and ideal for confined spaces.

Acrow Slim-Max Soldier System

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The Acrow Slim-Max Soldier System is a versatile, galvanised steel soldier with the capability of being used as a soldier, vertical shore, raking shore and turnbuckle or as a beam.

The high strength of the Acrow Slim-Max Soldier makes it ideal for large crane handled formwork shutters with accessories to enable a range of types of walers to be attached to it. The soldier can be used for single lift, full height or jump forms for single- or double-face formwork arrangements.

The Slim-Max Soldier can also be used in the construction of heavy-duty shoring, overhead protection structures and platforms or simply as a high strength beam.


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Ideally suited to commercial and light civil applications

Acrowall-60 is a robust and versatile, galvanised steel frame panel system with a 14mm plywood face. Weighing less than 30kg/m2, 2700mm x 750mm panels may be manually handled or built into a large crane handled assembly for fast movement of formwork. Available in a range of sizes and with an extensive range of accessories, the Acrowall-60 panel formwork system can meet an array of configurations for your construction project.

The inbuilt strength in the design of the Acrowall-60 system makes the assembly simple with a minimum of components. The aligning clamp locks the panels rigidly together and accurately in line. Shutter assemblies stay free of twist when being crane handled.

Acrowall-60 has a maximum permissible concrete pressure of 60kPa for single panel height form arrangements up to 2.7m or 55kPa for height extended form arrangements.


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Built in accordance to AS3610 guaranteed class 3 finish

Ideally suited to the heavy civil sector – based on the standard European system of the 300 mm grid panel Acrowall-80 wall forming system offers 100% compatibility with some widely used existing European systems whilst offering higher panel strength and durability.

Acrowall-80 is a robust and versatile, powder coated steel frame panel with an 18mm plywood face. Available in a range of sizes and with an extensive range of accessories, the Acrowall-80 panel formwork system can meet an array of configurations for your construction project.

The built in-strength in the design of the Acrowall-80 system makes the assembly simple with a minimum of components. The aligning wedge clamps lock the panels rigidly together and accurately in line. Shutter assembly stay free of twist when being crane handled.

Acrowall-80 has a maximum permissible concrete pressure of 80kPa for single panel height form arrangements up to 3.3m – maximum wall heights up to 13.5m


Acrow SuperCuplok Scaffolding System

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The Acrow SuperCuplok Scaffolding System is a heavy duty and high load capacity scaffold and shoring system designed and developed by Acrow, with all the versatility and benefits of the Cuplok system. The high load capacity and proven SuperCuplok system has been successfully serving the Australian construction industry since 1997.

With a leg load capacity of up to 75 kN, the SuperCuplok system is ideal for heavy-duty civil and commercial construction or high-rise scaffolding and loading bays.

Acrow Prop

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The original Acrow Prop was the first prop in the world, revolutionising construction. It’s simple and innovative design, manufactured from high yield steel to Acrow’s specifications, permits versatility across a multitude of uses, including falsework support, as raking shores, and as temporary support.

Acrow Props are fast to erect in three simple steps, and are able to be handled by a single person, ensuring reliable and economical formwork and scaffolding applications.

Acrow Props are available in five sizes covering a range from 1050mm to 4900mm with axial compression working load limits ranging from 7kN to 42.5kN.

Acrow V-Shore System

The Acrow V-Shore System is a simple three component system which uses frames, braces and jacks and offers the benefits of saving costs on inventory, improved productivity and design versatility.

Acrow V-Shore design involves large grids and offers flexibility of support arrangements. These, in turn, make it easier for the engineer to increase or decrease frame grid positions relative to the concrete thickness to be supported. Acrow V-Shore also offers a shoring capability with an infinite height adjustment and working load-carrying capacity of up to 35.1kN per leg, in accordance with AS3610.

It is the ideal system for civil engineering projects such as the construction of highway bridges or the laying of heavy slabs or beams.


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AcrowForm is a modular formwork soffit system using only two major components to form large areas of slab soffit in very quick time.

Ancillary components are available to cater for the small make-up areas encountered on most projects such as columns and perimeter walls. The system adapts to these areas with complete simplicity. Quick to erect and dismantle, AcrowForm’s lightweight and durable aluminium panel system allows for the handling and placing of panels by one person resulting in speed of job delivery and labour cost reduction – the fundamental advantage of using AcrowForm.


Acrow GASS

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Acrow GASS medium to heavy duty Aluminium Shoring System is a lightweight shoring system that provides a fast, efficient and versatile falsework structure with the benefit of providing load capacity up to 140kN.

The primary product attributes of GASS are

  • Provision of load capacity up to 140kN
  • Minimal loss of strength at any height
  • Light weight and easy to erect
  • The ability to brace at 45 degree angles
  • Can span up to 3 meters on light commercial applications.
  • Ideally suited to “table form” applications along with conventional strike and fix flexibility

In addition the high strength light weight Acrow GASS system is easy to erect and dismantle leading to significant labour savings on site.

Acrow Powershore

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Heavy-duty high load application

Acrow Powershore is a high load shoring system that provides a fast, efficient and versatile falsework structure. The simplicity of the coupling of strong vertical Standards joined together by truss type horizontal bracing frames enables towers to be easily and safely erected.

Corner braces are attached at apposing corners and alternated between each level to maintain squareness and rigidity during crane handling of the tower throughout its height. Adjustable bases at the bottom of the tower and adjustable bases with U-head attachments at the top of the tower provide infinite height adjustment.

The built in strength of each individual galvanised component contributes to construction of a support tower capable of supporting a leg loads in excess of 300kN based on tower and bracing frame configuration.


Concrete and Hardware Accessories

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An extensive range of Concrete Hardware & Accessories are available through Acrow, including formwork tie systems, continuity box systems, concrete plugs and formwork accessories, washers and soffit spaces, reo spacers and ty wires, tools, and consumables.

The Acrow Product offer:

  • Acrow Props
  • Circular Column Forms
  • Concrete Hardware Accessories
  • Consumables
  • Edgeboard
  • Fillet Cutters
  • Fillet
  • F14, F17, F21 Formply
  • Timber – LVL
  • Formwork Nails
  • Formwork Sealants
  • Lanolin Release Agent
  • Repair Plugs
  • Scaffold Tube and Fittings
  • Timber – Hyplank
  • Timber – Utility Pine


Special Formwork

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Acrow Engineering & Design

Our in-house safety and engineering teams allow us to offer value-added services and professional systems for safety and project management that our customers can rely on.

Acrow has over 50 years experience in Australian markets, and prides itself on its/ has a long established reputation in the formwork engineering and design market. Our engineering and design teams listen to our customers’ projects needs, and cater their solutions accordingly to minimise cost and maximise safety of the project.

We work with our clients, and use innovative solutions through the total design of special formwork systems, using a combination of standard and special components to fulfil the project design. This can be as complex as a complete application, or more minor modifications to Acrow’s existing formwork systems to customise design.

A great range of superior quality products, and Acrow’s renowned technical support and engineering expertise, backs up Acrow’s engineering and design services.