June 2013

Caval Ridge Coal Mine

Client: BHP Billiton Product: Acrow Cuplok Scaffolding System

Caval Ridge Open Cut Coal Mine Dam_QLD_Acrowall-80, Acrow Slim-Max Soldiers & Acrow SuperCuplok 2

Does Acrow deliver on promise, price and performance? Dam right we do.

When Acrow was asked to quote on designing and supplying formwork and scaffolding for the 12N dam outlet system mixing chamber at Queensland’s Caval Ridge open cut coal mine, they responded immediately.

“As soon as we received the drawings, we had a formwork design completed and back to the client for approval,” says Acrow Project Representative, Paul Sjerp.

“Our response time really differentiates Acrow from our competition. We have an in-house design/engineering team who ensure we obtain what is required to get back to our clients – prospective and actual – straight away.”

Service, service, service

At Caval Ridge mine, such an efficient level of service has been an ongoing hallmark of Acrow’s involvement.

“A build project of this scale is complex, and unforeseen situations always crop up. Any issues have to be dealt with as soon as they arise.”

“Mother Nature has certainly shown Queensland’s construction industry its dark side for the last few months, but at Acrow we deal with any issues by assisting our clients promptly and efficiently, which helps keep delays to a minimum.”

Acrow’s superior products prove their value

Acrowall 80 is a robust, versatile formwork system that offers a maximum permissible concrete pressure of 80kPa.

“This is a fairly high pressure for a panel system. Any higher and you’d have to go back to traditional timber and ply, which can be a lot more costly.”

“At Caval Ridge, Acrowall 80 has been used to great effect in conjunction with Acrow’s high strength Slim-Max Soldiers.”

“We’ve also used heavy duty, high load SuperCuplok scaffolding to provide access to both the interior and exterior of the mixing chamber structure.”

It’s all about attitude

“Acrow was awarded the 12N Mixing Chamber Project at Caval Ridge because we’re easy to deal with, have excellent problem-solving abilities, an innovative range of products, and we provide a very fast and effective design and supply service.”

At Caval Ridge, Acrowall 80 has been used to great effect in conjunction with Acrow's high strength Slim-Max Soldiers.