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Acrow Powershore 150

The Acrow Powershore 150 is a heavy-duty high load propping and shoring system designed to withstand up to 150 tonne shoring loads per vertical member. The flexible Acrow Powershore 150 is primarily used to create temporary stand-alone frames and raking strut structures for the mining, infrastructure, and commercial industries.
The heavy-duty system is also more versatile for propping high structures as the tower takes large lateral forces. The Powershore 150 components can also be used as a horizontal beam, removing the need to use steel beams. The built-in strength of each individual Powershore 150 galvanised component contributes to construction of a support tower capable of supporting loads in excess of 6000kN.

 System Components:

The Powershore 150 system consists of five major components designed to be joined using M24 G10.8 bolts including a range of adapters:
1. 100mm to 3000mm Props / Beams
2. 1500kN Screw Jack
3. Raking Bracket
4. Hydraulic Head Unit
5. Adapters: 

  • Brace Adapter
  • End Plate Adapter
  • Soldier Plate
  • Jack Brace Adapter
  • Prop / Turnbuckle Adapter
  • Tie Rod Adapter

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