MK Shoring

MK Shoring systems are structures designed for load support in civil engineering applications. These systems consist of standard MK beams (walers).

The module sizes in top view are: 0.75m, 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m and 3 m (in all combinations).

They are designed for the construction of inclined walls with working platforms in a horizontal position fulfilling all safety requirements.

Possible shoring configurations:

– MK-360 Shoring Towers

– MK-150 Shoring Towers

– MK Prop Shoring


System Advantages:

  • Quick and safe on-site erection.
  • Very versatile modular system for different shoring configurations.
  • Erection as independent or chain-linked towers.
  • With few parts for an enormous variety of combinations.
  • Independent jacks for applications with super elevations.
  • Easy and secure joints between components.
  • Tower base can be anchored to the ground for increased load capacity.
  • Different stripping options at base or head: stripping with hydraulic jack at base and head, stripping with wedge at base and head, stripping with jacks at head.
  • Wind bracing systems joining the towers complete and optimise the solution.
  • Ensured safety: platform and handrails at any point of the towers. Access ladders between towers.

Applications and Solutions:

  • Shoring solution for structure with towers.
  • Shoring of overpass.
  • Shoring of pre-fabricated beams with MK Prop.
  • Shoring of building site crossings.