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MK System

The MK System is a versatile system that has been designed for a variety of applications requiring high load-bearing capacity in all forms of Civil Engineering. The core item for all these solutions is the MK waler. Its elaborated design and compatibility with other systems and various accessories, enables the MK System to be the all-rounder for heavy-duty structures providing solutions to:

1. Gantry structures

2. Form carriers for bridges

3. Form carriers for tunnels

4. Shoring for the support of formwork or other structures

5. Horizontal and vertical formwork

6. Climbing structures

7. Perimeter protection screens

8. Single-sided formwork support

9. Façade retention

10. Special applications


System Advantages:

  • Highest versatility with only standard parts.
  • Manual and easy assembly – crane assisted for moving entire structures only.
  • With a limited number of system parts to highly complex structures.
  • Compatible with Acrow's ULMA formwork product portfolio.
  • Availability of safety items for assembly and use of the MK System.

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