Client: Bampak Building

Taming the ocean with Acrow formwork

The Whyalla Port Expansion’s new ship-loading conveyor features a 14 metre high concrete wall. What’s unique about it, is that seven metres lie below the water table. Expertise, design accuracy and a superior formwork product from Acrow helped underpin the success of this construction.

As part of their role in this major South Australian infrastructure project, Acrow assisted Bampak Building to not only construct the walls of a new ship-loading conveyor, but also make cost and labour savings as part of the process.

Acrowall 80 saves time, money

, Acrow Group

Acrow was contracted to design and supply the formwork system for the ship-loading conveyor and Acrow Account Manager, Scott Muldoon, says the company’s unique product delivered an exceptional result.

“As large volumes of water were being continuously pumped from the construction site, we had to work quickly. By using Acrowall 80, we were able to do the job in five metre pours instead of standard three metre pours. This was very time efficient and also cost and labour saving,” explains Scott.

Acrowall 80 formwork features fewer clamps than any other product on the market, so it’s fast and simple to assemble. It also fits together very easily, so erection is speedy and relatively stress free.”

Engineering expertise

Acrow’s in-house engineers created highly accurate drawings for all the formwork for the ship-loading conveyer.

“The accuracy of our drawings provided clear instruction at the build site, which was appreciated by everyone as the site was very challenging due to it being partially below the water table,” says Scott.

Our engineers are highly experienced and our in-house engineering capabilities set us apart from our competitors,” adds Scott. “The team member who did the drawings for this project has decades of experience, which is hugely valuable on a complex project like this.”

Bampak Building has partnered with Acrow across a range of projects in the past.

“We believe Bampak appreciates our performance, service, knowledge and product range,” says Scott. “We value the relationship with Bampak and go out of our way to provide exceptional service, not only in terms of supply and cost, but also design.”

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