With dedicated Formwork hire branches in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, Acrow Formwork has a strong team of industry professional staff, led by a highly experienced and committed management team focused on delivering results.

Our formwork range encompasses Wall Forming panel systems, both medium 60 kPa and heavy duty 80 kPa, shoring systems, light 40 kN, medium 140 kN, heavy 350 -1000 kN capability, Soffit forming systems including Acrowform aluminium panels, GASS table forms and of course Super Cuplok 75 kN, and conventional systems. We also stock a comprehensive range of Formwork and concrete hardware specific products and consumables including Formply and timber and Lanolin Release Agents.


Acrow Scaffolding is one of Australia’s leading suppliers and hirers of access scaffolding systems including Cuplok Scaffolding, Super Cuplok Scaffolding, SureLock Scaffolding and Acrowskaf Scaffolding.

We offer a range of quality products and effective value-added services to complement any project of any size for any customer segment.

Acrow Scaffolding is a company committed to providing the highest quality products. Our engineering and warehouse facility in Revesby NSW, has in place a quality system modelled on AS/NZS ISO 9001, to ensure all products are manufactured to a strict inspection program to guarantee they meet Acrow's published technical specifications.

Our products are manufactured to our design and specifications ensuring compliance in all respects and capability of fit across our product range. So we not only understand the need for a quality product but we also understand what our customers are looking for.

The integration of the Natform business into Acrow has gone from strength to strength with the common ground and number of synergies being developed opening up a number of new opportunities for our both our Formwork and Scaffolding customers alike.

Natform provides the opportunity to package our services to provide one stop solutions to common customer across both the Commercial and civil sectors.

Large developers and constructors recognise the site efficiencies from using screens. This is occurring more than ever before, particularly in low rise buildings.



Natform’s highly skilled staff continually delivers design solutions to satisfy the demands of the diverse construction industry. Through their experience, Natform’s team has a true understanding and knowledge of the relationship between the site structure, finishing works, and screen system.

Maintenance of new designs and engineering standards allows larger construction companies to benefit from the inherent advantages of screens.

Significant Benefits
  • Simple design means faster installation, climbing and removal
  • Minimum on-site assembly prior to initial erection (main screens come to site pre-assembled)
  • Less labour and material required on site
  • Lightweight system – no additional propping required and no heavy loadings on the slab
  • Flexible design that accommodates for personnel/formwork hoists, loading platforms, crane ties etc
  • Screens controlled by the client which increases construction speed
  • Finishing works for façade can be installed using screens (finishes range from precast/in-situ upstands, balustrade handrail, window wall, protruding fins, and more)
  • Curtain wall façade system can be installed below screens
  • Platforms designed to suit building profile
  • No on-site maintenance required
  • Valuable ground storage space is available for access
  • Screens have proven to be a cost effective and safer overall solution in most applications.

Natform Screens Suitability & Versatility

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With flexible and innovative Natform designs, there are few limitations on building companies that use the screen system. Natform accommodates screens in a vast diversity of low, mid and high rise projects including;

  • Shopping Complexes
  • Residential Buildings
  • Commercial Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Car Parks
  • Bridges

An extensive range of specialised fittings has enabled the Natform screen system to be utilised in applications previously regarded as not being suitable such as:

  • Building extensions and refurbishments
  • Excavation zones
  • Construction joints
  • Train stations
  • Providing external stair access

Versatility has been demonstrated with the expanded role of the screen system in steel framed buildings and for finishing trades. There are very few construction sites that cannot be handled by Natform screens.

Screen stock availability is an integral part of the Company operation. Natform’s expanded and upgraded storage yards permits delivery at relatively short notice.


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