Structural Screens

In some construction cases, there is a heavy focus in accelerating the structure.

Typically, the main factor slowing down the forming and pouring of additional slabs when Screens are being used is the install of the façade.

While the install of façade can be facilitated behind the protection of Screens, builders may sometimes remove that from the scope of the Screens and instead install a temporary handrail on the slab protected by the bottom of the Screen.

By doing this, the Screens can be climbed as early as possible to facilitate the protection of the forming and pouring of the next slab of the structure.

This is best used in cases of high-rise commercial towers which need to be built quickly. These types of buildings usually utilise curtain wall façade systems that can be installed behind the protection of a temporary handrail and without the need of the full height protection that a Screen would offer.

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