Client: Kenny Constructions Product: Acrow Slim-Max Soldier System

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Urban Superway Elevated Roadway Adelaide

For this major South Australian elevated roadway project, a formwork support system was required that would enable the construction of 9+ metre high concrete piers…without disrupting traffic at ground level. It was time to call in the experts: Acrow and SuperCuplok.

Products to suit the demands of the job

Featuring a dual carriageway with three lanes in each direction, Adelaide’s $842 million South Road Superway project is the state’s most complex engineering and road construction project to date. One of its key features is a 2.8 km stretch of elevated roadway designed to ease congestion, increase traffic flow and minimise delays associated with freight traffic.

Acrow designed and supplied SuperCuplok falsework to support the construction of on- and off-ramps and tall concrete piers at the Superway’s northern end. Creating a falsework system to enable elevated 9+ metre high piers to be constructed – without disrupting traffic – required design expertise as well as versatile products.

“SuperCuplok has higher leg loads than many competitor products, and this ensures safety at heights. It was the ideal product in this situation,” explains Acrow Account Manager, Scott Muldoon. “SuperCuplok is also very easy to assemble and dismantle, so it’s an efficient, cost-effective system.”

In addition to SuperCuplok, Acrow’s new galvanized steel Slim-Max Soldiers were used as bearers running in one direction across the SuperCuplok formwork support.

“The Slim-Max Soldiers were perfect because of their high strength and versatility,” says Scott.

Unique design

Acrow’s in-house designers and engineers came up with a cantilevered system that enabled SuperCuplok to be erected without impacting on traffic flow.

“We had to cantilever a lot of our loads to avoid blocking road access at street level,” says Scott. “The accuracy of the design drawings was spot-on and in fact the guys on site commented that this made their job of erecting the falsework much simpler.”

A proven track record

Acrow had successfully partnered with project builders, Kenny Constructions, prior to the Superway project.

“Our track record of design accuracy, product knowledge and workable solutions helped Acrow win the contract for this project.”

The Slim-Max Soldiers were perfect because of their high strength and versatility

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