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About Us

Our Journey

Founded over 80 years ago, Acrow has grown from a small local business to a national leader in the construction industry. Our journey is marked by continuous innovation, expansion, and a vision to set the national standard in engineered industrial and construction services.

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We don’t wait for change, we create it. We are confident and collaborative. We’ve got the talent to back ourselves to deliver every time. We understand the responsibility we have to keep everyone safe on every project, and we take that incredibly seriously. We are practical, hard working and committed.

What We Believe

Our Vision, Values and Purpose

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Our vision is to set the national
standard in engineered industrial and
construction services.

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We are your Smart, Can-do, Partners.
Our core values drive us to embrace change, prioritize safety, and deliver exceptional results while fostering a united and customer-centric team.

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We partner with industrial and construction professionals to remove their barriers to success.

The Solution Transporters

Meet the Executives

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Steven Boland

Chief Executive Officer

Steven joined Acrow in 2013 as CEO, following leadership roles in various industries. Previously, he led the Melbourne Rebels Rugby Club, establishing a professional Super Rugby team. Steven also served as Global Executive Director for Recycling at Visy Industries and Executive Director for Commercial Waste at Veolia Environment UK. With a rich background in leadership, Steven contributes a wealth of expertise to Acrow.

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Andrew Crowther

Chief Financial Officer

Andrew joined Acrow in 2019 as Chief Financial Officer, bringing with him extensive experience in senior finance roles. He has held distinguished positions at financial service companies such as Colonial First State, BT Financial Group, SFG Limited, and Thorn Group. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Economics from Macquarie University and is a Chartered Accountant. His extensive financial expertise ensures Acrow’s financial health and strategic growth.

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Matthew Caporella

Chief Operating Officer

Matthew joined Acrow in 2012 and now serves as Chief Operating Officer, drawing on his extensive experience. Previously, he was National Manager – Engineering. Matthew holds dual degrees in Civil Engineering and Business Management from Queensland University of Technology. He is a Chartered Professional Engineer with the Institute of Engineers Australia and a Registered Professional Engineer in Queensland. Matthew’s expertise enhances Acrow’s operational excellence.

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Peter Fehrenbach

General Manager NSW

Peter joined Acrow in September 2021 as General Manager for New South Wales, bringing over 15 years of management experience. He held key positions at Bullivants, including National Operations Manager and Regional Business Manager. At Orica, Peter led Supply Chain roles across the Australia Pacific region. He holds an MBA from the Australian Institute of Business, highlighting his dedication to continuous learning. Peter’s expertise in operational excellence and strategic leadership drives Acrow’s success in New South Wales.

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Colin Fisher

General Manager TAS

Colin is currently the General Manager for our Tasmanian branches, bringing extensive experience to the role. Previously, he served as General Manager at Honeywell Business Solutions, showcasing strong leadership skills. Colin’s career also includes roles as General Manager at Visy Industries and National Operations Manager at Onyx UK Limited. His broad expertise in managerial roles across different industries contributes to excellence and growth in our Tasmanian operations.

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Bill Goodall

General Manager SA

Bill has been a key part of Acrow since 2016, now serving as General Manager for Acrow South Australia. With over 12 years in management within Formwork and Scaffolding, Bill’s expertise has led to successful projects across multiple regions. His dedication and leadership drive Acrow’s success in South Australia.

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Belma Dulic

General Manager VIC

Belma joined Acrow in 2022 as General Manager for Victoria. She brings with her a wealth of experience, having held various senior positions throughout her career, including her recent role as Operations Manager at CSR Masonry & Insulation.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering, Belma has dedicated over twenty years to manufacturing and operations. Her expertise and leadership skills position her as a crucial contributor to Acrow’s success and expansion in Victoria.

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Conan Godrich

General Manager WA

Conan, with over a decade at Acrow, is the current General Manager for Western Australia. His career includes roles at Rinker Australia and OneSteel Reinforcing. Conan holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Murdoch University and a Degree in Project Management from Curtin University of Technology. His experience and education drive success for Acrow in Western Australia.

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Jan Pienaar

General Manager QLD

Jan joined Acrow in December 2018 as General Manager for Queensland, after holding key positions at Doka Formwork Australia and Waco Kwikform. With a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Stellenbosch and over a decade of management experience, Jan’s leadership drives success for Acrow in Queensland.

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Jeffrey Stewart

General Manager Sales & Marketing

Jeffrey, a valued member of Acrow since 2011, currently holds the position of General Manager for Sales and Marketing. With significant roles at Atlas Steels, Atlas Specialty Metals, and Smorgon Steels Metals Distribution, his extensive experience and leadership have greatly impacted Acrow’s Sales and Marketing division. Jeffrey’s insights and expertise continue to drive the company’s growth and success in these critical areas.

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Robert Parovel

Head of People & Culture

Robert joined Acrow in November 2021 as Head of People and Culture, with significant experience from senior Human Resources roles at Harsco Corporation, GCC Services, and Webuild Group. With international experience in the Asia Pacific and Middle East, Robert holds an MBA from Charles Sturt University and completed the Global Leadership Program at SDA Bocconi in Milan. His expertise in human resources and global perspective greatly contribute to Acrow’s vibrant company culture.

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Evan Field

National Manager - Engineering

Evan joined Acrow in 2022 as National Manager – Engineering, bringing over 15 years of expertise in major infrastructure design and construction, particularly in Temporary Works. He held senior positions at ADG Engineers and Infrastructural Engineers. Evan holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil and Environmental Management and a Masters of Advanced Engineering in Structural Engineering Design. He is a Chartered Professional Engineer with the Institute of Engineers Australia and a Registered Professional Engineer in Queensland. Evan’s background and qualifications drive Acrow’s engineering excellence and project success.

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Carl Roetger

National Procurement Manager

Carl joined Acrow in October 2019 as National Procurement Manager, with notable achievements including co-founding Uni-span Australia in 2001 and serving as Co-founder and Joint Managing Director of Nuform Formwork and Scaffolding in South Africa. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Pretoria. Carl’s industry experience and leadership drive Acrow’s procurement strategies and overall success.

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Eddie McInulty

National Business Development Manager

Eddie joined Acrow in 2019, bringing over two decades of experience in the Civil Engineering and Infrastructure industry in the UK and Australia. He has held significant roles such as Managing Director of GHI Formwork Australia, National Sales Manager at Uni-span, and various Sales Management positions with Peri Australia and Peri UK Ltd. Eddie holds a Bachelor of Town and Country Planning Degree from The University of the West of England, Bristol. His industry knowledge and leadership skills are instrumental in driving Acrow’s success and growth in the Civil Engineering and Infrastructure sector.

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Jurie Roetger

General Manager - Industrial Services

Jurie joined the Acrow Group through the acquisition of Uni-span in October 2019. With over two decades of industry experience, he celebrated his 20th anniversary in 2023, marking a remarkable career journey.

Currently serving as the General Manager – Industrial Services, Jurie’s past roles within the Uni-span Group have included positions as a Scaffold Designer, Project Manager, and North Queensland Manager.

Jurie holds a Diploma in Business Management and a Diploma in Commercial Construction. His extensive experience and diverse skill set make him a pivotal asset to Acrow, ensuring excellence in Industrial Services and contributing to the company’s continued success.

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Jason Merjane

National General Manager - Screens

Jason is a valued member of Acrow, joining through the acquisition of Natform in 2018. He currently serves as the General Manager for Acrow Screens, based in NSW.

Jason holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering from Western Sydney University and is an active member of The Institution of Engineers Australia. With his extensive experience and commitment to excellence, Jason plays a pivotal role in the success and ongoing growth of Acrow Screens, ensuring the company remains a leader in its industry.


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