Industrial Services

Acrow’s entry into the Industrial Scaffold market in October 2019, marked by the acquisition of Uni-span Australia Pty Ltd, initially focused on Queensland. Through substantial capital investments, this business has since expanded its footprint to include New South Wales, South Australia, and Tasmania. Specialising in industrial service and maintenance contracts, particularly within the Industrial, Oil, Gas, and Mining sectors, the Industrial Services division is a core pillar of Acrow.

Much like our Formwork business, it adopts a solution-oriented approach, catering to the complex and sizable projects of large operators, ensuring cost-effectiveness, timeliness, and a safe working environment. Our scope of services includes equipment and skilled labour provision for commissioning, decommissioning, large-scale shutdowns, and major infrastructure projects, all while accommodating the rising project demands nationwide.


  • EHighly experienced team and strong customer service ethic.
  • EGenerates revenue from wet hire agreements including hire, transport, labour and consumables.
  • EAt the forefront of scaffold service providers in Queensland to the industrial sector and expanding interstate into New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania.
  • EFull turnkey solution from design to supply and install.
  • EStrong focus on the energy, mining and industrial sectors.
  • EHighly specialised labour hire business for short-term, long-term contracts or permanent placements.
  • EStaff is sourced from across Australia with a strong focus on Local Industry Participation (Local suppliers, skilled local and indigenous workforce).
  • EHighly regarded professional team.

We develop and maintain loyal relationships with our customers, which is indicative of the service we provide.  Our highly experienced team sets us apart from our competitors.  Our employees are trusted and have the capacity, commitment, passion and versatility to achieve outstanding outcomes for our customers.

Jurie Roetger

National Industrial Manager

The Acrow Group of Companies integrity is apparent in our dedication to safety, the environment and in the quality we deliver.  Our Industrial Services division, trading as Uni-span Australia Pty Ltd, ABN 84 0999 939 287, is ISO9001:2015, ISO45001:2018 and ISO14001:2015 accredited.




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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Engagement and Participation Management Plan forms part of every project and addresses the overall management of the project including:

  • Ethe systems and methodologies we employ to ensure compliance with the Indigenous Peoples Participation requirements of each contract
  • Ethe project management approach specific to regions
  • Eour indigenous training, employment and engagement approach
  • Eindustrial relations strategy and risk management
  • Ethe interfaces between our Project Management Plan and the processes and responsibility for management of these

    As a business, we value diversity and understand that initiatives are integral to ongoing success. As part of this commitment, the Acrow Group of Companies are looking to strengthen ties with the indigenous community by providing fulfilling careers and opportunities for indigenous people across the country.


    The Labour Hire Licensing Act 2017 (the Act) establishes a mandatory licensing scheme for all labour hire providers operating in Queensland. The Industrial Services division, trading as Uni-span Australia Pty Ltd, holds a valid  QLD Labour Licence.


    , Acrow Group

    IG Upstream Operated Assets

    , Acrow Group The Uni-span group was selected to assist and be a major resource for our most recent outages across the phase 1 assets – 4 yearly turnaround shut down events (TAR’s). These 17 consecutive events were planned and executed over a 17 month period and consisted of in the order of 360 work fronts day and night shift over 14-16 days intervals in a work team of up to 140 personnel. Uni-spans’ selection of crews and support materials was second to none throughout this period. A total of 567 assurance activities were conducted through the TAR events and not only were Uni-span subject to being audited on many of those, they also took the liberty of involving themselves as key players in the high level auditing of other workgroups within the team. This buy in from the work group made it a huge success for Origin and the execution lead (Steve Learmonth) and I, feel strongly that Uni-span made an invaluable contribution to this success.

    Their workers on no less than 5 occasions out of the 17, were put forward to be voted most valuable person award. This shows the depth of teamwork and dedication by the high calibre work crews. Their individuals received numerous points of recognition in the team meetings and in particular were noted by other contractors in group forums for their contribution.

    Martin Meehan
    Major Maintenance HSE

    Origin Energy

    Maintenance Contracts – Condabri, Talinga assets

    , Acrow Group Origin Energy and Uni-span Australia have been engaged in contracted works since 2016. Uni-span Australia performs all scaffold supply and services required throughout the Integrated Gas Business. Uni-span personnel are embedded contractors that manage, plan and execute the scaffolding activities required to complete breakdown maintenance, preventative maintenance and brownfield projects.

    Uni-span Australia has held an outstanding safety and performance record throughout the life of their contract. Uni-span have openly provided industry learning’s and value adding ideas to increase safety and reduce cost throughout the period of the current contract.

    Denis Burton
    Maintenance Contracts Manager – Condabri, Talinga Assets

    Origin Energy

    TAR Works - maintenance & outages

    , Acrow Group I can confidently recommend Uni-Span as a solid and reliable supplier and installer of scaffold, including the ability to engineer and approve complex scaffold decks and supports, they are well versed and knowledgeable of the CSG industry and the high level of safety and quality requirements that are demanded for the industry, are experts in their field and are well resourced to tackle any challenges that are offered to them for their discipline.

    Steven Learmonth
    TAR Execution Lead

    Origin Energy

    TAR Maintenance Activities

    , Acrow Group Upstream PS have had a professional relationship with the Uni-span team on general maintenance and 4 yearly Turnaround Campaign across all Origin Energy Surat Basin Assets over the past 3 ½ years. Throughout this duration your team have always produced high quality workmanship, on time and in a safe manner.

    This letter is to acknowledge your TAR Scaffolding teams for their outstanding contribution in supporting the campaigns safe working environment, work schedule and improvement opportunities through a high level of supervision and experience work teams. This campaign’s success is relied heavily on the Uni-span team’s flexibility to provide scaffolding for multiple work front across scheduled and emerging scopes of work. Without your team’s ability to keep up with ever changing requests from client operations and the TAR leadership and planning teams we would struggle to maintain our workload and deliver each milestone is a safe manner.

    We look forward to working with you and your team on post TAR maintenance activities.

    Charles Moore
    Plant and Facilities Maintenance Manager

    Upstream Production Solutions