Finishing Screens

While Structural Screens facilitate only the protection of the formwork cycle and aims to accelerate the structures progression, Finishing Screens allow for not only the formwork cycle, but also for the construction of the finishes and façade works.

In many scenarios, the façade works must be conducted from behind the full height protection offered by either Screens or Scaffolding. Where this is the case, Finishing Screens can be used in a set-up that facilitates the parallel works of both structure and finishing works.

This work will be undertaken not only within the slab but also on the working platforms constructed directly onto the Screens.

If the façade works are complicated and require additional time to complete all the required steps before the Screen climbs, the option to extend the Screen to a five or even six levels is available. By extending the Screen, additional levels of the structure can be protected allowing for multiple levels of platforms and multiple levels of active finishing trades.

By using this form of screening sequence, the entire construction process can be facilitated behind the full protection of Screens, which in turn minimises the risk of potential falls from heights and increases general site safety and efficiency.