The ORMA Modular Formwork system is a heavy duty and versatile vertical formwork system that offers solutions to many vertical structures such as walls, columns, piers, abutments and foundations in both building and civil engineering projects.

ORMA effectively contributes to minimising labour costs and assembling times, increasing performance considerably. The system comprises mainly of panels that are joined by clamps which make up formwork gangs. The ORMA Modular formwork system has accessories that efficiently and safely provide solutions for all types of geometries.

Main features

This system is designed to withstand high concrete pressures and is certified by the German organisation GSV according to established guidelines and requirements.


Maximum concrete pressure:

3.3 m range: 80 kN/sqm
2.7 m range: 74 kN/sqm


Maximum deflections:

60 kN/sqm (line 7, tab.3 DIN 18202)
80 kN/sqm (line 6, tab.3 DIN 18202)


Pouring concrete:

For pouring height < 3.3 m or = 3.3m, only 2 ties are necessary.
For pouring height > 3.3 m, 3 ties are necessary.


System Advantages

  • System designed to support high concrete pressures.
  • Wide range of panels at heights of 3.3 m; 2.7 m and 1.2 m, with 3.3 x 2.4 m (7.92sqm) being the largest.
  • Robust panel formed by a metal frame with reinforced corners.
  • Highly versatile system due to lateral holes that provides solutions to typical shapes, such as bulkheads, corners and columns.
  • The plywood shuttering face provides excellent surface finishes.
  • Panels are joined by clamps with a hammer strike. This allows the forming of large gangs.
  • Safety elements are easily fastened to panels, thus always ensuring safe system use.
  • The wide range of column panels provides solutions for columns of any dimension and height.
  • You can form gangs, sized every 15 cm in length and every 30 cm vertically, by combining different panels.
  • You have the option of placing panels vertically or horizontally due to their compatibility.

Applications and Solutions

The ORMA Modular Formwork system can be used in the following applications (see below diagram with points 1-13):

  1. Climbing system
  2. Single-sided formwork support
  3. Columns
  4. Pilaster
  5. 90 degree corners
  6. Corners with varying degrees
  7. Bulkheads
  8. 90 degree wall intersections
  9. Fillers
  10. ORMA-scaffolding working bracket
  11. Working bracket
  12. ORMA Platform
  13. Front handrail


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