Ideally suited to commercial and light civil applications

Acrowall-60 is a robust and versatile, galvanised steel frame panel system with a 14mm plywood face. Weighing less than 30kg/m2, 2700mm x 750mm panels may be manually handled or built into a large crane handled assembly for fast movement of formwork. Available in a range of sizes and with an extensive range of accessories, the Acrowall-60 panel formwork system can meet an array of configurations for your construction project.

The inbuilt strength in the design of the Acrowall-60 system makes the assembly simple with a minimum of components. The aligning clamp locks the panels rigidly together and accurately in line. Shutter assemblies stay free of twist when being crane handled.

Acrowall-60 has a maximum permissible concrete pressure of 60kPa for single panel height form arrangements up to 2.7m or 55kPa for height extended form arrangements.

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