ACROWDECK is a modular soffit system that has two different options:

  1. PANEL SYSTEM: consists of a primary beam, transversal joists, drophead, prop and panel.
  2. PLY SYSTEM: consists of a primary beam, transversal joists, drophead and prop. Formply is laid over the joists.

ACROWDECK is a recoverable formwork system where the prop and drophead can be left behind undisturbed while the main components can be recovered. Aluminum elements make the system lightweight allowing for efficient manual handling.


  • Lightweight and durable: Made from high-strength materials that ensure longevity & ease of handling. European plywood & props.
  • Modular design: Easily adaptable to various construction requirements, ensuring flexibility on-site.
  • Quick assembly: Designed for rapid setup & dismantling, saving time.
  • Safety: Built-in safety features, including anti-slip surfaces & secure locking mechanisms.
  • Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with existing formwork systems & accessories.
, Acrow Group


  • Panels: Perfect for large slabs in building construction, with regular geometry & spans between columns. The dropheads allow recovering of Beams, Transversals & panels providing greater flexibility for back propping & material recycling.
  • Ply: Designed for slabs of any kind of geometry & a high demand on finishing quality. The dropheads allow recovering of Beams, Transversals & Formply providing greater flexibility for back propping & material recycling.


  • Australian-designed, tested, & certified to AS3610 standards.
  • Lightweight system with the heaviest item weighing just 16kg.
  • High productivity – fast assembly & stripping with a three-person operation, including early striking one day after the concrete pour using the drop head.
  • Universal drophead body with interchangeable cap for either ply or panel system.
  • Durable Italian plastic veneer plywood surpassing standard Birch quality.
  • Galvanised European props ranging from 20kN to 39kN.
  • High load-bearing capacity, capable of handling slabs up to 800mm with the panel system & 900mm with the ply system.
  • Bracing frame solution for both steel European props & Aluminium props.
  • Transversal joist with rubber sealing to minimize concrete egress between panels & manufactured from solid aluminium extrusion for enhanced durability.
  • Flexible around column infills for the fastest closure solution.
  • Very safe & stable with minimal bracing required.
  • Integrated safety features, including a handrail connection to the drop head.
  • Capability to handle slabs of up to 6m high with Aluminium props.
  • Efficient handling with transport pallets.
  • All-rubber nailing strip for a tight & secure grip without the need for timber.
  • Casted corner protection caps for enhanced durability & protection against dropping & cracking.
  • Early striking of soffit materials leaving behind only props/dropheads = less material on site. Can be stripped at 18MPa subject to permanent works engineer approval.