1220_ACROW_CAPABILITY_F&S-(1)-1 Our in-house safety and engineering teams allow us to offer value-added services and professional systems for safety and project management that our customers can rely on.

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Engineering and innovation

With over 60 years experience in Australian markets, Acrow takes pride in offering a team of highly experienced and suitably qualified engineering and technical experts, with an exceptional reputation in the formwork, falsework, shoring and scaffolding industry. We offer practical, economical, safe, compliant and innovative-engineered solutions to our valued clients as well as on-site technical support.

Our in-house professional engineering team has a thorough knowledge of the formwork and scaffolding industry, relevant regulatory requirements, codes of practice and Australian Standards, which enables us to advise our clients on design and compliance requirements for their formwork and scaffolding needs

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Design and Technical support

Our engineering and design teams work closely with our clients to achieve a mutual understanding of the project needs and client requirements. Practical solutions supported by safe and economical design, with detailed proposals provide the best outcomes for compliance with safety legislation, code of practice and Australian Standards. Whether using conventional or customised or combining design solutions, we can tailor your requirements to provide a cost effective solution.

A great range of superior quality products, and Acrow’s renowned technical support and engineering expertise, supports Acrow’s engineering and design services. We are chosen for our ability, practical design approach and innovative solutions, which provide safety and cost savings for our clients

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Quality assurance and control

Our in-house quality management system and processes, managed by very experienced and knowledgeable engineers and technical staff, ensures that all our products are manufactured to our own design and specifications that are rigorously checked through the production phase and at completion for compliance with our requirements.

Acrow is very specific and stringent in the selection of its suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that our products are consistently manufactured to the high quality, reliability and standards for which Acrow is renowned