Client: CYP Design & Construction Joint Venture

Metro Tunnel – Melbourne, VIC


Engaged to provide a self-propelled multipurpose gantry for forming of the tie beams and roof beams.


    The carriage system typically used to support tunnel formwork but adapted into a gantry structure.


    The gantry travelled the entire 250m length of the main cavern enabling the upper-level tie beams to be formed at a height of 14 metres. The upper section was then removed and adapted to create a working platform at 8 metres.

    Since the gantry was built and these two functions were completed, the gantry was slightly modified on two occassions to perform other functions within the tunnel.


    The versatility and adaptability of this system has enabled the customer to complete their initial scope, plus additional works, saving time and money. Since the initial gantry was supplied, CYP have engaged Acrow to supply an additional two gantry structures to complete other construction works on site due to the success of this first system.