Client: Hutchinson Builders

Product: Powershore 150

31 Duncan Street – Brisbane, QLD


The design, supply and install of a variety of propping to allow Hutchinson builders to remove and strengthen the columns of the existing carpark, so they could build a new tower above it and maintain the existing carpark.


    The feature product on this project was our newly developed Powershore 150 system, which is a heavy-duty prop capable of supporting 150 ton. We also had several other systems complementing the Powershore 150, for loads of a smaller magnitude.


    By using Powershore 150, the propping quantity could reduce and, in some instances, we could replace the nearest competitors 4 props with a singular Powershore 150 prop.


    The high capacity to weight ratio, and the load carrying capability at large heights, sets the system apart. Also, Acrow’s ability to provide the client all their various requirements under one umbrella, including RPEQ design certification and installation, allowed for a seamless experience.